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    • As the description implies, a mortice lock is morticed into the door.
    • Choosing and fitting a LockGuard to a door fitted with a 'standard' mortice deadlock is relatively straightforward and Kickstop supplies the largest selection of DeadlockGuards available for this purpose.
    • A sashlock however, generally requires more wood to be removed than a deadlock and has an additional hole drilled through the door for the lock spindle to pass through.
    • Kickstop's unique SashlockGuard has reversible offset plates to allow fitting even if the frame has wider door stops and draught excluder.
    • The elongated apertures in the SashlockGuard plates are designed to accommodate the spindle and keyway/cylinder of most sashlocks.


    Use with existing lever lock furniture as shown in the enlarged illustration



    Fitting a mortice sashlock, or deadlock, involves removing wood from the door

    This leaves a very weakened area around the mortice lock

    The Kickstop Door Reinforcer will help remedy this problem


    The Kickstop Lockguards

    The SashlockGuard is for use with a mortice sashlock 

    The DeadlockGuard is for use with a mortice deadlock

    Mortice sashlock - for illustration purposes only