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Kickstop London Bar Left Hand (Long/ Narrow)

Product Code: 9612
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  • Description

  • Code: 9612
  • Ingersoll SC71 size 'D' shape staple to fit over lock staple/keep which is 30mm x 70mm - or less **
  • This is a Standard Size staple with a cut out to allow the Springbolt of the lock to pass through
  • 78" (1980mm) x 5/8" (16mm) solid steel bar - with rounded sides and countersunk screw holes
  • To Reinforce and Strengthen Wooden Door Frame 

The staple is a modified Standard Staple size with a small cut out section that allows it to be used with the INGERSOLL SC71 Size - *LEFT HANDED

NB: *The lock would be fitted to *right hand side of door when viewed from inside - If in doubt - check before ordering

Depending on the vertical position (height) of the rim lock staple/keep on the door frame, it may be necessary for the purchaser to cut the top or bottom off the longer versions of the London Bars - with a hacksaw


9612 dimensions - 1980mm long x 16mm wide x 5mm thick

A Wide version is not available

NB: If you are unsure about the suitability of this product - we suggest you look at More Information

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